sim·plex’·i·ty sĭm-plěk'sĭ-tē noun

Sniglet- 1. Simplifying the complex; to make less complicated; reduce complexity; to simplify a problem.  2. Delivering complex solutions in the simplest way.    sim'plex·i·ca'tion (sĭm-plěk'sĭ kā'shən) n.

Hey, Einstein can you explain relativity with a little more simplexity

Referring to an idea, or concept that appears to be simple to understand, yet is very complex in it's true description.

The simplexity of the universe would reveal much more than the eye could ever see.

This is the concept of making something SO simple that it actually becomes complex.

You have simplified this system so much that it is hard to understand and now has a high simplexity level

simple solutions for today's complex lifestyles

The life of simplexity is the ultimate goal.


m. (pl.) 1. Piano. 2. Performers: Ivo Delaere & Lukas Huisman. 3. Style: classical music (contemporary and before). 4. Duo and alternating solo performances. 5. Roots: Ghent, Belgium.


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2/3 in Deinze, KADE · Crossroads (Adams Hallelujah Junction and Messiaen Visions de l'Amen)

Ivo Delaere and Lukas Huisman studied together with Daan Vandewalle in the music faculty of the School of Arts in Ghent. They worked on major solo projects around music by Messiaen, Rzewski, Sorabji, Ferneyhough, Finnissy, Xenakis, ...


After Lukas Huisman received his PhD on the research project "Limits of nature and nature of limits" they decided to start a project together. Their shared passion led to the formation of the Simplexity piano duo. They aim at unraveling the intense link and interaction between Simplicity and Complexity.


From 2017 they started taking masterclasses with Piet Kuijken, Piet Van Bockstal, Paul De Clerck and France Springuel at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent. They also had an inspiring masterclass with Anna Scott on the style of old Brahms recordings from i.a. Ilona Eigenschütz.


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